Currently residing on the outskirts of London, Marie-Anne’s media composing career started in South Africa after she teamed up with a post-production sound engineer, writing several hours of music for the SABC television, corporate videos and wildlife documentaries. After leaving South Africa, she initially spent 18 months in the USA, serving a short apprenticeship at a music production studio in California before moving to London. 

Marie-Anne has written music in a wide variety of projects for film, television and RPG fantasy game music.

Recent projects includes creating music for I am Belmaya, a feature documentary by Sue Carpenter. Crazy Bitch Blues a short comedy directed by Flaminia Graziadei. 

Her music has been published by ‘The Library of the Human Soul’, ‘Gothic Storm Music’, ‘Minim’, ’Lovely Music’ and ‘Synctracks’ spanning from cinematic, world, electronic, orchestral, contemporary, ambient to creating emotional pieces which have been recorded by live strings from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and Vienna Session Orchestra. Her music has been placed and broadcast worldwide, examples are, the BBC, SABC, TF1, Canal+, National Geographic, NBA TV, Netflix and Discovery television Channels.

She is part of several sample library developer’s team of composers and beta testers. This involves writing demos, scoring video promos, beta testing and video walk throughs. Significant work done working for Sonokinetic, Soundiron, Strezov Sampling, Realitone, Gothic Storm and Cripto Cipher. 

Her diversity in being able to create music in many different genres which is both a strength and source of personal enjoyment. It allows her to draw inspiration from a wide base of people, art, music, film and nature and reflect it back in a way that enhances the image and story line. 

She is currently Director of SCOREcast community, which affords her the opportunity to communicate, expand her knowledge and collaborate with composers from all over the world. She also is an active member of The Ivors Academy, WFTV and BAFTA Crew.

Marie-Anne earned a Diploma in Media Composition and subsequently also completed a course in Cinematic Orchestration through ThinkSpace Education. She is a firm believer in the importance of continuous learning and has attended several master classes.