I am Belmaya 

Production Company: Dartmouth Films

Directed by Sue Carpenter, Belmaya Nepali

Genre: Documentary 

A revolutionary tale of a young Nepali woman's determination to challenge social norms and transcend the life she was born into, through documentary filmmaking. 

Crazy Bitch Blues

Production Company: LonRom Film Production, Lumino Films

Directed by Flaminia Graziadei 

Genre: Comedy

Sarah, a woman on the edge, stalks her icy elder sister, Alison who, after their mother's death, has taken everything from her; including Blue, the beloved family dog. Sarah's attempt to dognap Blue is foiled and Blue is left in the middle as an embittered verbal tug of war between the sisters ensues. Saran and Alison desperately try luring Blue to them but instead of choosing either of those crazy, Blue seizes the chance to make run for it. Written by Laura Jane Swain

 ‘Crazy Bitch Blues’ has started its submissions to the Festival circuit. 

The premier of 'Beyond Closed Doors', a short documentary, directed by Renata Pavelka took place at 'The Hidden Faces Of London' event at Langham Place, London - scored by Marie-Anne Fischer.  

The Power of One Coin 

Production Company: LonRom Film Production, Thunderhawk Pictures

Directed by Flaminia Graziadei 

Genre: Drama

The film focuses on the subject of mental health with a positive message: small acts of kindness could save lives. 

Awards: Winner Best Short Global Non Violent Film Festival (2019), Platinum Winner for Directing International Independents Film Awards (2019), Remi Winner WorldFest Houston International FF (2019), Winner Gold Award for Best Short - Latitude Film Awards (2018), Winner Gold Award for Directing - Latitude Film Awards (2018)




Marie-Anne recently attended Soundtrack Cologne 15 this year. In this blog she shares the highlights of her experience at this exciting event.

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