"I’m in awe of composer Marie-Anne Fischer, a supremely creative and intuitive composer for film, television and games. She elevated the film to new heights with her richly textured and evocative cinematic score, augmenting but never manipulating the emotional lows and highs of the film."

Sue Carpenter /Director of 'I Am Belmaya' 

"Working with Marie-Anne is an absolute pleasure.  She's very available, collaborative, patient and overall creative! It's often difficult for a Director to express the atmosphere needed for a film and she has always, in the six projects we have done together, translated my words into beautiful music, not only complementing my films, but also taking them to a higher level. I'm looking forward to working with her in my next projects."  

Flaminia Graziadei / Director of 'Crazy Bitch Blues', 'The Power Of One Coin', 'Arrivederci Rosa', 'I believe in Monsters', 'The Final Haunting' and 'BeeDeeDee'

"For INERTIA I had the tremendous pleasure to work with Marie-Anne Fischer. Although time was not on our hands we took the opportunity to discuss in-depth what the music should be. She came up with several beautiful themes and ideas. The one that eventually made it is both beautiful and emotional. I truly look forward working with her again soon!"

Coen Haver / Director and Writer of INERTIA (Brave New World 48HFP)

"Marie–Anne has composed music for my TV game show trailer. With her music she intensified the suspense, excitement and drama thus everything what I wanted to highlight in my “sizzle”. 

Her professionalism and talent is one that is hard to find. She is extremely pleasant as a person and working with her was a delightful experience. As a composer she offers artistry and excellence. Her music always inspires. I look forward to working with her again."

Catherine Liberda / Writer / Director of 'I bet you don't know it' 

"Marie-Anne Fischer has been a regularly featured composer with Soundiron since 2013. As a member of our beta group, she's created well over a dozen excellently produced and deeply nuanced demo compositions for us that have superbly highlighted important aspects of our virtual instruments, allowing our products quality to shine through. Marie-Anne has also worked with Scorecast to produce an outstanding in-depth video tutorial for one of our flagship soundtrack scoring drum libraries, Apocalypse Percussion Elements."

Mike Peaslee / Founder and Director of Operations at Soundiron

“Marie-Anne is an extremely talented composer that we were lucky enough to collaborate with on our film 'Kenneth', she was more than able to give us what we needed to elevate our project to another level. I look forward to working with her again in the future.” 

P. A. Farren / Director of Kenneth

“I had the pleasure of working as part of a team with Marie-Anne on the score of Kenneth. Her cues were always delivered on schedule, with enthusiasm and always blew us away. An exceptional composer and great to work alongside.”

Oliver Semple / Producer

"Marie-Anne is a vital asset in our production team. She is a dedicated composer and beta tester and has a keen eye for quality. As a composer she offers a wide pallet of styles and colors. She is one of our go-to composers if we need something particular composed with one of our new instruments. Keep it up Marie-Anne, we foresee a great future for you" 

Rob Vandenberg / Sonokinetic

"Working on Eternal Lies, Marie-Anne has been an amazing inspiration. She has consistently delivered fantastic music with an enthusiastic attitude. Her cues are always beautifully written and executed and she's a consumate professional to work with!"

James Semple / Composer and Music Supervisor / Eternal Lies 

"Marie-Anne Fischer wrote and composed the music for a 26 min Educational Documentary on Giraffes called 'Camelopardalis' which I produced for the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

At the time I lived in South Africa and Marie-Anne in America so we communicated via e-mail and phone calls. She wrote the music to the edited pictures and even though every segment had it's own feel, the transitions were seamless.

Her music added huge production value to the documentary. Marie-Anne has the ability to write and compose music that captures your attention and imagination.

Her creativity and professionalism can only be an advantage to any project that she's involved in.

I have full confidence in her and my best wishes accompany her."

Jacqui Warner / TV Producer