Marie-Anne Fischer’s composing career started in South Africa when she teamed up with a post-production sound engineer to write several hours of music for the SABC television, corporate videos and wildlife documentaries. After leaving South Africa, Marie-Anne initially spent 18 months in the USA and did an apprenticeship at Music Annex, a sound studio outside San Francisco and then moved to London, United Kingdom. 

Marie-Anne has written music in a wide variety of genres, completing projects ranging from music for film, television and games. She has successfully collaborated with other composers and welcomes new challenges. Recent work includes scoring, 'I am Belmaya', an award winning feature documentary directed by Sue Carpenter and Belmaya Nepali. The soundtrack for 'I Am Belmaya' became part of Mark Kermode: 'The Best Movie Music of 2021' track list. 

She has also submitted music to Gothic Storm Music, Library of the Human Soul, creating emotional one minute pieces recorded by world class string players from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and Vienna Session Orchestra. 

She has written in a variety of styles for Gothic Hybrid, Minim and Lovely Music labels. 

Selective pieces of Marie-Anne’s music are also available to the market through Synctracks Production Music. 

For several years Marie-Anne has been a member of the Sonokinetic and Soundiron team of composers and beta testers. She has scored a number of Sonokinetic’s promotional videos. She has also written demos for Gothic Instruments, Sonicsmiths, RealiTone, Strezov Sampling and Cripto Cipher. 

Marie-Anne’s diversity in being able to score to many different genres is both a strength and source of personal enjoyment to her. It allows her to draw inspiration from a wide base of people, art, music, film and nature and reflect it back in a way that enhances the image and story line. 

Marie-Anne completed a course in Media Music Composition through Music for the Media, achieving a Diploma in Media Composition and certified as a Media Composer with the Film Music institute in Los Angeles, CA. She subsequently went on to complete a Diploma course in Cinematic Orchestration through ThinkSpace Education. 

Marie-Anne is currently Director of of SCOREcast community, which affords her the opportunity to communicate, expand her knowledge and collaborate with composers from all over the world. She also is an active member of BAFTAcrew and WFTV.

News and Latest Releases

I am Belmaya 

Production Company: Dartmouth Films

Directed by Sue Carpenter, Belmaya Nepali

Genre: Documentary 

A revolutionary tale of a young Nepali woman's determination to challenge social norms and transcend the life she was born into, through documentary filmmaking. 

World wide release of 'I am Belmaya' soundtrack on all digital platform. 

Crazy Bitch Blues

Production Company: LonRom Film Production, Lumino Films

Directed by Flaminia Graziadei 

Genre: Comedy

Sarah, a woman on the edge, stalks her icy elder sister, Alison who, after their mother's death, has taken everything from her; including Blue, the beloved family dog. Sarah's attempt to dognap Blue is foiled and Blue is left in the middle as an embittered verbal tug of war between the sisters ensues. Saran and Alison desperately try luring Blue to them but instead of choosing either of those crazy, Blue seizes the chance to make run for it. Written by Laura Jane Swain

 ‘Crazy Bitch Blues’ has started its submissions to the Festival circuit. 

The premier of 'Beyond Closed Doors', a short documentary, directed by Renata Pavelka took place at 'The Hidden Faces Of London' event at Langham Place, London - scored by Marie-Anne Fischer.